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Aqua Edibles' PhtyoPlankton is a blend of multiple species of live phytoplankton for your marine ecosystem. A bountiful natural food source, Aqua Edibles feeds everything in your aquarium from zooplankton and corals to inverts. Live phytoplankton consumes nitrates and phosphates, converts CO2 to 02 and is the principle source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (your DHA & EPA). 

Super Eggs and Egg Brew


Aqua Edibles' Super Eggs is a blend of nutritious, high protein, high fat, Omega-3 and Omega-6 rich, natural food source suspended in a nutrient rich brine for freshwater and marine fish, inverts, and corals. With an average size of l-2mm, they are an ideal main food source or supplement for carnivores and omnivores.

Aqua Edibles' Egg Brew is nature's perfect coral and invert food. It is a special blend in our pure brine solution; providing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals with no additives or preservatives.



In Aqua Edibles' Copepods, the entire life-cycle of gut­loaded copepods and rotifers is represented, along with Aqua Edibles' Phyto. Our Copepods provide the building blocks for your ecosystem's food pyramid. These critters will populate, grow, reproduce, and nourish your ecosystem. 

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